Recently i have worked with a company called E.U.M. this job involved a lot of tip-of-the-tongue knowledge on property ownership, wall cavities, law based on architecture property and solar power.

Whilst researching the company and the knowledge need it for the job itself, I gained new insight into architectural form, this new perspective has started to reflect that within my work. These test show how my work is has evolved since researching what E.U.M. has shown me.


"You Are Here" (Video) - 2014 ©

This video (and sculpture) show a basic understanding of how individuals navigating through, and around cognitive space. Each of the figures are individual and none are alike, this adds a sense of uniqueness to each sculpture involved. It is as if each of these figures has personality, or possibly even a history of “self”. Business men, teens, the elderly; each of these 50 figures have character, but how?

How can the figures have soul, a self, a history?
They are nothing more than wire and wood.